Reading About the Women of the Bible

women of the bible 1Back in 2014, I picked up a book entitled “Women of the Bible”. I had intended to read it and study each woman mentioned in the Bible so I could better understand each of them. Fast forward to 2016, I have only finished one chapter in the book– Eve’s story. Last week, I started reading the book again and this time, I focused on Sarai/Sarah’s story.

This led me to realize that even though these women lived ages and centuries ago, their struggles and triumphs are all too familiar with us today. Each one of us continue to face the same struggles and challenges that these women in the Bible have faced in their lifetime.

And today, after a difficult week dealing with some personal issues, I decided to continue on this path– to learn more about these women and how I can talk about their struggles and relate these with what each of us go through today. The Holy Spirit revealed onto me that the stories of these women were actually things that each of us go through in some part of our lives. I’ll be sharing some of these stories with you guys later on but right now, I have to do more reading!


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